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This is the current build of the Forerunner mod. At the moment it is not compatible with the mod manager. You have to use the Mod manifest method at the moment. I'm trying to get it working but it does something to the ai triggerscript when using this method so I'll have to see whats causing it.

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UPDATE2: FIXED! Also mod manager enabled now. It was a leftover .xmb file that was breaking the UI for human players trying to play flood or forerunners.

Update: It is worse than I thought, something is breaking when trying to upload this version that I'm not sure of yet. It seems it breaks the flood/forerunner for human players. So far it seems like the AI will use them fine but the upload has something broken for the players where it will crash to desktop with a human player as forerunner or food. I'm thinking its something to do with the UI but I haven't found anything yet. Sorry to hype everyone only to release a broken build. I'll be working to fix this as much as I can.

Changelog V1.2

-AI Reworked!
-Stat tweaks to balance Forerunners, aiming for cheaper costs but slightly longer build times since units can be made in waves instead of one at a time
-The triggerscript for the skirmishAI has been reworked to handle custom civs.
-Also reordered by the triggers group ID's instead of how it was originally.
-The Flood and Forerunners now use a custom civ instead of piggybacking completely off of UNSC/Cov.
-This allows for each civ to have its own aidata.
-Forerunner Tech tree reworked. Placeholder Sentinel added for later use. Right now he is a powered up version of the base sentinel.
-Placeholder/Icons added for most units.
-Flood Powers allow for expansion nodes to be placed and defensive roots to be grown
-Damage done by incinerator nerfed
-Forerunner AI should now build turrets and upgrade resource generators.
-New UI! Custom Green menu UI for the Flood and Orange menu UI for the Forerunners.

Known Bugs:
-Sentinel units have a hard time attacking T1 flood base (??)
-infection forms sometimes get stuck on main flood base if too many are spawned.
-AI sometimes expands with wrong building at base sockets





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