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Sit back, relax, and listen to some smooth and soothing lines from the Turian you didn't know you needed. Coming at you live from Alliance Spoilers Network this has been Risker and Zeverance, we'll be right back with you after this...

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Important Announcement!

Welcome back everyone, It is once again Risker from Beyond the Relays and don’t worry, your calendars are not off we are posting an article only a few weeks after the last dev diary. As promised in our Last Dev Diary we are releasing a handful of voice lines that we had hoped would be ready in time for the diary itself.


Hello friends, enemies and frenemies alike!,

It's Zev here, with a quick update on the state of Beyond the Advisors! For those of you unaware, BtA represents both the voice acting side of Beyond the Relays and an advisor voice pack sub-mod that will be released alongside it. Since the unfortunate split between BtR and the previous sub-mod, BtR has been without iconic voices that draw you in and immerse you into the Mass Effect universe. As the project lead for Beyond the Advisors, I’m proud to say that this is quickly changing.

Not only have we begun to assemble a cast of professional voice talent, but we are deep into the post-production stages for our first five advisors!

“But Zev!”, I hear you scream from the comment section, rattling me to my sensitive little bones, “what are the first five empires? What is the meaning of life? Also, update when?”

Well, dear reader, life is for Mass Effect, and I’ll get back to you on updates once I manage to beat the answers out of the coders. For now, though, allow me to quench your ravenous hunger with some information on the future of BtA.

The first five advisors to be released shall be; The Turian Hierarchy, The Asari Republics, The Krogan Clans, The System’s Alliance & The Salarian Union! Each empire will have a total of 145 individual lines of dialogue, or more when appropriate. To put that in perspective, that is double to triple the amount of spoken lines that most vanilla advisors offer. What this means is that you’ll have more variance in what you hear over the course of a long game - even for mechanics that won’t be making an appearance in BtR (for those times when you want to hear a Krogan yell about air drops without having to actually be playing BtR).

But in the eternal words of my personal deity, Billy Mays, “wait, there’s more!”

We aren’t just releasing five empires to start with, but eight. Those three extra empires are part of a very special project that we aren’t ready to talk about quite yet. Suffice to say, however, that you will not want to miss what BtR and BtA has in store for you! Be sure to check out the sneak peek of our work with the Turian Hierarchy below.

This has been Zev - stayed tuned for more and keep an ear out for BtA’s release later this year. Remember, remember the 7th of November… I think that is how the quote goes…


Without further ado,

enjoy these carefully selected and curated Turian voice lines from the stellar Voice Actor, Luke Alfonso! If you’re excited about this little teaser, you can follow our resident turian on Twitter and his Website for more of his work.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you just want to mess around in our dev builds, apply to join the team today! We are looking for Writers, Scripters, Testers, Community Managers and Artists, for more information about what each position does and how to apply check out our application page or reach out to members of our team on our Discord.

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