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Here you can find my Odysee page, I livestream and post things related to my artistic journey and my game development.

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I may use this page as my primary documentation/streaming/community outreach platform unless something else comes along but for now I have a pro account and I find it to be a very good platform, similar to how youtube used to be in the 2000s.

It may be a little weird for someone who is used to just watching youtube, but I refuse to use youtube because of it's awful content management, copyright and anti-consumer policies.

I wave my hat and give moddb my thanks for archiving this as well, sending me an email that states that it was because it was not 'relevant' to the mod. But without clarifying or giving me a pipeline/address/person/inbox to write to directly address that claim.
I offer my condolences to the keyboard surfer who had a chip on their shoulder that day, God bless you.

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