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Well, it's been more than a year in the making, but the next release is done. I plan 2-3 more releases then finish this project. The thread on the Paradox Interactive forum has more details.

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Version: Release 2.0.11
Date: 29/12/2013
Name: Fallout's DoomsDay
* nomercy81 identified a bug in Six String Samurai event chain. Fixed.
* Removed the old \db\events\gaining_control folder from the release archive file.
* Removed the old \scenarios\1936 folder from the release archive file.
* I had made some edit to Harlequins startup file but can't remember what it is. Added new file to release anyway.
* Caesar's Legion and Junkers no longer guarantee each other. Thanks Arcangelus.
* Added events to take control of Louisville and Nashville now that they belong to the Wastelands in \db\events\gaining_control.txt file.
* Updated the scenario text for Caesar's Legion to be more accurate now that this faction is being aligned to Fallout New Vegas canon.
* I also added some fun reference to time travel in Caesar's Legion scenario text as the nation is fully fledged in 2245 AD which does not match canon.
* Reduced Fishing Boats to from Speed 6 to Speed 2 and their range from 2000 to 1500.
* Changed the three models of Attack Choppers as follows: Range 400/500/600, Soft Attack 20/24/26.
* Changed the three models of Zeppelin Bombers as follow: Soft Attack 14/17/20.
* Made some changes to Robot Nation event dates. Also increased the chance of beneficial event called Digital Epiphany.
* I reduced the manpower loss for Slaving Raid event from 4 to 2 for Robot Nation. This accounts for the reduced manpower pool they have. There are many people living in Robot Nation lands but they don't generally serve the robots as available military recruits.
* Added a fun reference to the Darkest Hour team in the general event Paradox's Curse - Free Resources.
* Shortened the option text for several General events so the text fits on the button in-game.
* Found and fixed a bug with the range for the more advanced models of Prop Fighters.
* The Tadziomencel outcome events from Tragic the Gathering event pool would continue to fire and this was unbalancing. I've altered that event chain so that each outcome event only happens once.
* Added event for NCR done by Keynes2.0 about Princess' Bride.
* Added the rest of the West Bering Sea ocean provinces.
* Added Mid-Pacific Mountains ocean provinces. Also included Wake Island and Marcus Island.
* Moved the ability to build airbases from Airpower technology Advanced Tests to Flight Tests.
* Increased the model progression number by one for the existing three models of Prop Fighters (model type 12).
* This allowed room to add new model 0 unit: Gliders. Only useful for scouting, very cheap, weak defense, one point of soft attack, slow and short range.
* Airpower technology Powered Flight activates this new unit.
* Updated the model number of starting Prop Fighter units for NCR, West BoS and FUSA in their nation inc files.
* Moved the ability to do naval strikes from Advanced Tests to Air Implications.
* Reduced the boni to air unit Organisation and Morale within Advanced Tests from plus five to plus one.
* Added these same boni to Air Implications.
* Increased starting manpower in Redding from 6 to 12. They are a booming town and the increased manpower might be needed...
* There was a mistake in starting Redding forces where a unit called Redding Runaways was listed as a professional mercenary unit. This is changed to another unit of Irregulars and a battalion of professional mercs added.
* While working with Redding, I noticed I had better pictures for their leaders and ministers so I've updated a number of those.
* Some tiny edits to some event file comments.
* Amended Enclave as per Gukpa's idea after consideration. Outwardly, the Enclave preaches "land of the free", individualism and market capitalism. 'Oh, and change Enclave industrial tecnology to pioneers. They have prisioners, but do not slaves.' This meant a change to their inc file but no change needed to their AI files.
* Added an introductory event which sets a flag that switches off the X-files and Six String Samurai event chains. On request of the old ghoul Gukpa! This meant changes to random.txt and general.txt event files. The event is called "Bah, Hollywood is Stupid!".
* Added several events for ACE medical computer and AI used by West BoS.
* Added four new division pictures for The New Church irregulars made by Brother Robert (nuns with guns, Saint Helena's Battle Sisters).
* Updated the pictures for several brigades that weren't very good.
* Updated credits.
* Updated some ingame text in \config\text.csv file.
* Updated the text for some the Former USA events. Increased the industrial penalty for calling up the National Guard. Added an event to explain the Capital Wastelands.
* Fixed the starting port for RCC naval transports.
* Updated the leader and tech team pictures for Scribe Haranin in West BoS to something much better.
* Increased the skill level of West BoS tech team Senior Retainers from 2 to 3 to make it more worth using them when they have other teams without those specialities but at skill level 6 or 7.
* Added new battalion detail screen pictures done by Messenger, which include nation specific ones. I also did some myself to fill in gaps or replace sub standard pictures.
* On discussion with Messenger, I upgraded the Reavers starting Industry technologies and also gave them Attachment tech Laser Weapons. This fits their background better as tech scavengers and hoarders.
* Added Messenger's nation start up changes which tweak starting forces, adding some more advanced units and attachments for many nations. Many starting units also got more characterful names.
* Improved most tech teams for Reavers from skill level 2 to skill level 3. Added some additional leaders for them and gave them more Wastelands leaders to lead Irregulars, Scouts, etc.
* Some of the Reavers leader picture were green style which clashed with the others, so I replaced those with ones of a more consistent style.
* There was too much overlap with Reavers technology team Science Department and Tech Priesthood. Changed its name to Technology Temple and made it focus on computing. Added Chemistry to Tech Priesthood team.
* Update the technology specialisations for most of the armoured units. I removed the prior Wastelands Survival items which don't fit, and made mechanics more important for these technologies.
* Updated the model picture for Giant Spiders to something better.
* Fixed a bug with naval base for an RCC transport.
* Found some extra FUSA events which used the hour parameter in the time and date trigger. Removed this as notes say it is not recommended to use.
* Replaced the picture for model 0 engineer attachment. The previous picture was one of the first I made but it needed an update.
* Seeing the picture for Vault City model 0 motorbike scouts in action, it was terrible. Changed the picture to something better.
* Added some nation specific attachment pictures.
* Set debug and found and fixed a bug in one event ID inside \db\events\gaining_control.txt file.
* Added event by Arcangelus for NCR, Enclave, BoS to capture Washington DC and make it their capital. Picture provided by Gukpa. New East_Politics.txt event file.
* Reviewed event files general.txt and random.txt. Found some additional events which will be prevented by choosing the option to disable pop culture in the event "Bah, Hollywood is Stupid!".
* Reduced the supply trigger and supply cost in random event "The Holy Grail". It only gives a technology blueprint, therefore the cost was too high.
* Altered ministers for Caesar's Legion and leaders, including changed pictures. They are now more compliant with Fallout 3 New Vegas.
* Adjusted the economics of slavery in Slavers'_guild.txt event file. Manpower now has a defined value balanced to IC days for money and supplies.
* Also removed the hour parameter from date triggers in slavers'_guild.txt file.
* Added new \map\colorscales.csv file provided by Brother Paladin Robert. Adjusted some nation colors according to that in \db\country.csv file.
* Added pictures for Hub done by Brother Paladin Robert. Updated the ministers file. Two main cabinets, added one Air Minister and one Sea Minister that appear in mid game. Updated the leaders file, added several leaders, adjusted statistics and ranks of some leaders. Hub now has a few higher rank land leaders at the start.
* Added Brother Robert's additional famous quotes. I had to shorten many of them to display properly given the wide font.
* Added some of Robert's new shields and flags. It was a tough call, but I kept some of the current mod ones.
* Based on text in the Redding Wanamingo chain, made Chris Gannon start at rank General to lead Redding forces.
* Fixed a bug with East BoS air leader Pennington.
* Added event commands to ensure the slaving events don't all fire on save game reload. Following nation event files updated: Caesar's Legion, Den, Mexican Raiders, The Huns, The Vipers. Then I spotted a bug and fixed them again. :-) Same with events for Slavers' Guild dues.
* Added music to events for hiring Natasha's Black Widows mercenaries. Applies to the seven Slavers' Guild nations.
* Added music to West BoS event for recovering lost technology.
* Dropped the supply cost to create the Thunderdome.
* Added large event pool for Redding relating to the Great Wanamingo Mine. It also affects event files for West BoS, NCR and Den. Adjusted Redding nation startup file and created an AI file for use if they align to the Slavers' Guild. The event pool includes custom music.
* I had to rewrite a lot of the text for the Redding Wanamingo chain which was too long to display in the event window.
* Added many wonderful new unit graphics done by Brother Halan.
* Added US national anthem as a song to an early event for FUSA.
* Converted more leaders to Wastelands Leader trait in Redding.
* Found and fixed a bug with Pioneer minister Aldo. Typo in picture settings in ministers_SCH.csv file.
* Updated conditions on Redding - Pioneers mutual help events in west_politics.txt event file. They won't send aid if they are already allied.
* Added new content for Mexican Raiders done by Brother Robert. It includes new flag, shield, new leader and minister pictures, new tech teams, and some new events. It was half finished so I altered it and completed the work.
* The possible minister cabinets for Mexican Raiders have been reworked but this nation can never become humane so alternate cabinets for humane government types are not present.
* Completed and extended the Mexican Raider Myron kidnapping events to Den and New Reno. New Reno can react in various ways.
* Reworded some of the Mexican Raider Zorro events to read better. Adjusted the outcomes so Mexican Raiders are less penalised by El Zorro's strikes against them and increased the chance to pick up his trail.
* Updated some other miscellaneous event text.
* Halved the belligerence increase from +6 to +3 for players who choose Ambitious trait. They generally have high Intervention domestic slider anyway, which means belligerence doesn't decrease.
* Added a trigger check to Tendrils of Corruption event for Mexican Raiders that checks whether NROM still exists.
* Implemented Messenger's flavourful descriptions of units.
* Added some missing text for Wasteland province control events.
* Added some missing event text labels.
* Renamed Denver to Dog City.
* Changed the picture for FUS National Guard event.
* Doubled the terrain boni of land doctrine technology Terrain Ambush.
* Added Augustus Autumn as a leader that will rise to command rank in 2255 for Enclave.
* Found a famous quote that was too long to display properly so I shortened it.
* Updated West BoS bunker events so they won't all fire on loading a save game. This meant updating event files for: Hub, Redding, Pioneer Alliance, Shi Empire, New Arroyo, New Reno and Den. Added a trigger check so that these nations won't agree to keep the bunkers open if they are at war with West BoS.
* I forgot to add the events for Slave revolts and for hiring special mercenaries to Redding if they get help from Den with Wanamingos and join the Slavers' Guild. Added those. There is a problem with the command { type = revolt which = -1 } which means the slave revolt events are not working as intended. Hopefully it will work with the new map or I'll have to manually spawn rebels in specific provinces.
* Added Reavers to list of nations which have their access rights cancelled when Vault 10 spawns.

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