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The news of today: Revenant has gone up, Legion has gone down, and slowly progress is being made.

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Decided to make a status update as the previous News post isn't exactly correct anymore.

As you may have seen there has been some progress lately. I decided that if I want to have a release someday, I need to focus on finishing one army instead of trying to work on both at the same time. As I decided to focus on the Revenant army, you'll most likely see mostly Revenant updates.

What exactly is the current status:

  • Working on the background story. I have not revealed anything of this (yet), but I've been working on the background of this mod. I haven't fleshed everything out completely, but the general idea exists. Instead of having just a revised history, I decided to replace Earth with an alternative Earth, with different continents, factions, history, and more. As said, it's not done yet (not by a long shot), but I may release some bits of information now and then.
  • Every Revenant structure has it's own (semi-)finished model. The last one (the multicoloured and very WiP Airstrip) has been given a proper and functional model.
  • Some of the older structure models have received a remake or some small updates. First in the line where the Component Tower and upgraded versions. They are slightly smaller, but are more detailed and look better. The upgraded versions have also been given a remake, and the weapons itself have been changed where necessary
  • All non-defence structures now collapse. Rise of the Reds has given me inspiration, and this is one of them.
  • Slowly working on remaking the vehicle/aircraft models where necessary. After playing Rise of the Reds I noticed that a slightly increased polycount on vehicles doesn't bother the engine that much, so I started remaking some of the models so they have more detail or just look better.
  • The Raden Assault Gun and Wolverine Tank Hunter have been merged into the Raden. The Raden now has the anti-tank gun of the Wolverine, but the looks and special weapon of the original Raden.
  • The Guard (anti-tank inf) and Grenadier (light siege inf) have been merged into the Grenadier. It is now like the Grenadier/Disc Thrower from the Tiberium series. It's good against inf and decent against everything else, is cheaper, but has a smaller range (which can be compensated with an upgrade). I do need to create a new model and animations from scratch afaik, so this will be an interesting experiment.
  • Working on game balance. I decided to drop some of the realistic stuff I implemented in the mod for the sake of game balance and fun. An example is that the amount of damage bullet-based weapons deal against vehicles and structures has been increased to near vZH values. You're still better of with dedicated anti-tank units of course, but it makes the initial minutes of the game when you don't have those fancy units more interesting.
    Beside that, actual balance of units/structures against each other is also (still) being worked on, due to units getting different roles or being dropped/merged.

This is it for now. Thanks for watching, and I hope to post some more stuff soon.

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