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This post gives you a brief introduction to the 5 Generals of the C.P.A. Alliance that are featured in the FMC: Generals game. Also included is a 3D look at some of the AAUs used by the Alliance thanks to "".

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Generals of the C.P.A. Alliance

General Steve Findley: AKA The Reaper (Leader of the invasion force)

During the war he was known as the Reaper, because he would actively target the Generals RIGs over the unmanned AAUs in an attempt to kill the enemy soldiers not just win the battle.

General Aiden Smith: AKA Ice Man (Second in command)

Aiden got the call sign Ice Man because he was seen by his fellow soldiers as some one with out a heart or feelings in battle. When it comes to fighting Ice Man will do what ever it takes to win with no hesitation.

General Dany Thompson: AKA Lady Death

Dany got the call sign Lady Death when she became Steve's protege and fully embraced his methods of targeting RIGs over every thing else.

General Ken Kurt: AKA Gigantor

Kent has used the call sign Gigantor since he was at the academy when a fellow recruit call him it as a joke before picked a fight with him. Kent kicked the shit out of the much bigger guy and started calling him self Gigantor to make fun of the guy and it stuck.

General Laci Smith: AKA Pyro

Being the younger sister of Ice Man but way more impulsive and aggressive people though it would be funny to give her an opposing call sign and after many bad ones Pyro just stuck.

Some of the C.P.A. Alliance's AAUs

Mech Maximus

Mech Ranger

Mech Enforcer

Mech Piranha

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