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Flutter Bombs! version 1.0.6 is on the horizon and includes several updates.

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It has been a productive month in the world of Flutter Bombs. A new level is being wrapped up for demonstration at the Creator Con festival this April as well as another VR show this June. Campaign mode now has some basic functionality in the works where players will be able to choose a faction storyline to follow. Improvements have been made to the level art with new optimized foliage and distance based tiling on landscape materials. Controls have been revamped with a new dash button that allows for continuous acceleration resulting in better air-to-air combat. And speaking of combat, flying enemies now have a new brain and will be much more difficult to neutralize.

Here's a look at some footage from the upcoming update:

And here's a look at a rough cut of the Campaign Select mode being programmed:


Weaponized butterflies! What have you done, you monster!? ;_;

On the other hand that looks really interesting.

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sporx Author

thanks Schuchart! strangely enough i recently learned that in ancient meso-american culture, the butterfly was the symbol of warfare. i can't imagine that was effective in scaring their opponents, but to each their own i suppose.

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That is the most astonishing historical fact I learned in a long, long time. Kudos... O_o

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