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Bite sized news for small stuff. Today: Tile appearing.

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Today I present you a new kind of post that we will try to do regularly. As an introduction I’ll simply say that we have a lot of small juicy stuff to show that would feel lost in a bigger article. It will take the form of a few gifs or pictures and a bite size article. The topics should range from fluffy things to weird but funny glitches and all that stands in between: gameplay shorts, animation tests and so on. Now that it’s out of the way, let’s continue to...

Fluffy Friday #1

During your wandering in the world, you will slowly uncover more and more of it. Akin to a blank page filling up with words. We wanted that event to be enjoyable to watch because it marks progress in the game. So we did something like this:

tiles reveal

While this gif is not the final version we had at the time (I can still see a few bugs) there was no sense of accomplishment. Just another chunk of land coming in.

So we decided to wait. Once the gameplay mechanism is in place, your priority shifts to another gameplay element. Polish can come later, right? Yes! And we did a pass of polish on that system along with better graphics overall, I’ll let you see the differences for yourself.

tiles reveal2 part1tiles reveal2 part2

There you have it. Of course the final version could differ slightly from this and the gif doesn’t show the best framerate and color. I hope that this is already enjoyable and that you will want to see more posts like this.

-Velgus- - - 19 comments

Looks great. I love how well everything in this game comes together as a cohesive whole, even smaller things like how parts of the level appear.

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kaykim - - 2 comments

Wow, looks awesome!

What kind of library or plugin do you use to implement it? Did you do it by yourself from the scratch or what else?

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TheThibz Author
TheThibz - - 12 comments

Thanks. We use "Tiled" & "Tiled to Unity" to create the level and import it in Unity in one big chunk. From there it's custom made with a few scripts and some 3DS Max animations to hide/show the relevant tiles.

We may do a full article on our level pipeline one day.

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kaykim - - 2 comments

Thank you for the comment. We're using Tiled too! :)

I cannot wait to read your our level pipeline! Please!

Also, do you have a kickstarter project or Steam Greenlight? :)

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TheThibz Author
TheThibz - - 12 comments

We do not plan to do any of these.

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