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An addition to galactic conquest of new unique fleets for each faction.

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Hi everyone, though ground development is pretty much at a stand still, this mod is not dead. For the next release, along with new factions and at least basic infantry, there will also be new fleet units for all the factions. These fleets will only be built on certain planets, and they will have a big impact on gameplay. These fleets will have a flagship, which will then bring in its accompanying ships. The fleets are as follows:
Relic Fleet
Adegan Stealth Fleet
First Expeditionary Fleet

Jedi Tython Fleet
Expeditionary Fleet
Kuat Battle Group

Hutt Grand Fleet
Crusader Fleet
Pirate Treasure Fleet


Nice I think I would like the Jedi Tython Fleet and the Adegan Stealth, in SWTOR the Stealth Fleet is extremely powerful! Looking forward to play this whenever you get it done... When RaW was coming out people said don't rush it, same principle applies here, anyone who wants this can wait, don't rush for our benefit. Wait til you think it is ready for release! Above, all Good Luck!

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Dudes got ah point and I was one that waited, this is a mad era and I cant wait for this.

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