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We are releasing in game information involving class set-up and game physics.

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This News update will be are last for the year as we settle down to enjoy the holiday season before hopping back onto the mod with full swing. I wanted to explain the in fullness about are Multi-Player progress update. This news update will explain class difference, their weapons, their tools, and their specials. It will also reveal the difference on game modes than your original; grab flag and bring it back here kind of setting. Kill-streaks are usable class specials that allow them to deploy different things to help their team or themselves on the battle field. After they use a kill-streak their "Special Bar" is depleted back down to zero" and can be worked up to another when used. When killed you're "Special Bar" will be lowered back down to zero and you have to start it up again. We have a lot to breakdown so lets get started with the classes.



Your basic class of run and gun kind of setting with a twist. This unit has been trained in repair and welding. He also is the only unit to carry small explosive grenades to be thrown into the battlefield. Armed with a Sub-Machine gun, a pistol, grenades, and a normal sized melee weapon he can be well used in larger numbers. His training in the art of welding can provide safety to his team by closing 1 door to keep the enemy team forced down a single path. He also has the ability to repair the broken turrets on the field and to un-weld enemy doors. With a 150 health this is you're basic soldier on and off the field.
The Infantryman's kill-streaks are as followed:

5 Kills- "Medic"

When used it provides the player with 5 health every second for 10 seconds.

7 Kills- "Grenado"

When used it gives you a bundle of grenades to be thrown where you want placed. *It cannot be stored up to used later*

9 Kills- "Suppressing Fire"

When used is provides 10 seconds of an unlimited clip of ammo, but be careful because after the 10 seconds of up you will be out of ammo for you're primary and be forced to use you're pistol until more ammo is picked up.

Stealth Operative

The shadows are what you are made of. You stick to the small spaces and you have earned you're keep in the top classes. Down side to being small and sneaky is that you suck up lasers like a sponge to water with only 100 health. When avoiding the lasers the Stealth Operative can be quite the character. Horrible at mid-range combat and with no automatic weapon you may be wondering why you would ever want to pick up the class. With the Sniper on you're back you can take out enemies at long distances being the effective assassin. When the enemy begins to start breathing down your back you can pull out you're pistol and defend you're sniper position. Being small allows you to squeeze into small spaces that others would not think to try to fit into. Vents, sewers, and electrical corridors will be the best places for are little killer to fit into. And when you are not fitting in small spaces you are cloaked slowly moving on the battle field. Armed with a Sniper Rifle, pistol, flash bang grenades, and a small melee weapon the Stealth Operative is the perfect stealth class.
The Stealth Operative's Kill-Streaks are as followed:

3 Head shots- "Ninja Escape"

When used player is given a single smoke grenade to be used to escape enemies with. *Can be stacked and used for later*

5 Head shots- "My Guardian Angle"

Gives the player a single landmine to be used to defend from enemy players. *Can be used for later can only have 2 at a time*

7 Head shots- "Almighty Bullet"

Next shot is an instant kill. If you miss you will have to bring you're head shots back up to 7 for another chance at an instant kill.

Super Soldier

The biggest of the 3 killers he is the soldier that carries the most ammo and the most weapons. He is also the slowest making him a big target to an enemy sniper. A well oiled-machine this class is used to break into places to provide his team short cuts or a way around locked areas. This class is the main gun providing weapons such as Assault Rifle with box clip, shotgun, pistol, and a large melee weapon. He can also put his weapon away and whip out his fists which can be used to break through walls, hurt opponents, and move crates to change up a pathway. With an enlarged 300 health only a few Super Soldiers can be on the battlefield at once due to the large power of this class.
The Super Soldier's Kill-Streaks are as followed:

7 Kills- "Bandolier"

Refills ammo to the top for the player

10 Kills- "Turtle"

100 Extra Health for 10 seconds

15 Kills- "Nuclear"

Use wisely and as you're last stand because if you die within 5 seconds of using this ability you become a well placed nuke. As you explode on death all players will be damaged 75% of their usual health. If you are not killed in 5 seconds of using it; the ability becomes inactive until you gain 15 more kills. *THIS DOES EFFECT YOU'RE OWN TEAM*

-Super Soldier will be damaged 225 damage
-Infantryman will be damaged 112 damage
-Stealth Specialist will be damaged 75 damage


Now that I've explained the classes to their fullest it's time for me to explain the game modes that the team has so far.

Team DeathMatch-

Your basic 1 team kills the other team mode no large difference from other games

Capture the Flag-

Both teams have to retrieve the other teams flag. The flag is secured in 2 defenses, which have to be broken by certain classes. The first of the two defenses is a thick glass box with a metal holder. The Super Soldier has to break this part first before the next part can be gotten into. The second of the 2 defenses is the laser box around the flag. The Infantryman has to get to the electrical box next to the flag and spend his time hacking it to turn of the lasers. While he is doing this he is completely defenseless to all attacks so his team must protect him from his enemies. After the last of the defenses has been bypassed the Stealth Specialist (being the one with the least amount of equipment weighing him down) has to run in and grab the flag and drop it back in the capture zone. The Stealth Specialist is only allowed to use his pistol when capturing to his team needs to cover him back to base. After 1 team has captured the other teams flag the round restarts and everything is put back into place.

Capture the Emplacement-

The Idea of this game mode is that their are 5 Emplacements in the map. All emplacements are available to capture at the beginning of the round. Each emplacement provides something to the team to help them out against the other team. 2 emplacement provide Ammo, 2 emplacements provide Health, and the 5th emplacement provides both. The 5th point being in the middle of both teams. Each point provides points over time. The first team to reach to the capped amount of points wins and the map changes.

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Very cool! Looking forward to this mod being released. :D

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