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Five small mapsets to keep moving our quest forward always forward.

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Hello, hello! Five small mapsets today. Let's do them in alphabetical order, shall we?

goulish by John is the only one among today's ports to feature more than one map. I'm not sure if the title was supposed to mean "ghoulish" or "goulash". It offers three Second Encounter maps packed with enemies, the standout being a difficult fight with two bosses.


goulish 1


mark by an unknown author is a single Second Encounter map, three quarters of which is basically a giant maze. The remaining 25% contain some mutant and officer action.


mark 1


We've already had a set called Maze in the past, but this one is an entirely different entity as far as I recall. Far from being a regular maze, it's actually a completely nonlinear array of small rooms and tight passages sure to challenge your navigational skills.

No idea.

maze2 1

Maze (2)

sam by John (don't blame me, it wasn't me who came up with that name) is a single Second Encounter map, a fairly small one but chock full of enemies, some of which I don't think you're meant to kill. Fortunately there should be enough amo to handle the remaining ones.


sam 1


And lastly, scramble by John is once more a single Second Encounter map. It's basically a series of passages - one tile wide - leading to a silver key, with some Officers thrown in there to provide some combat.

John again.



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