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Fishing the old fashion way: shooting your workers out of a cannon and into a river.

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I made a few updates to the fishing mini-game. You now have to have an adventure available to help you in order to start the game and the cannon reloading is a little slower, but the helper you select will gain experience based on how many crates they catch when they hit the river. They also gain a little bit of malice when you launch them, but the items they found and the experience they gain will probably cancel out any negatives.

A video of the new game in action:

Fishing with your adventurers - Indie DB
(music coming whenever I find a freebie that fits!)

The value of the items you find is based how far into the game you've progressed. The fishing pier area itself still requires you to beat a 4th tier arena match to unlock, and it's currently only available once per day.

I also made a website for the game, but I still plan to post on IndieDB. The information on the site is a little better organized.

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