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Fishing Maniacs - 50% off on Steam Summer Sale, limited time only. Seize this opportunity to get your copy!

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It's time for Steam summer sale and "Fishing Maniacs" are 50% off! Use this opportunity to purchase the game because it won't get any cheaper then this! :)

Crazy Family

Join in on the crazy adventures of these 6 loons and see what happens when they get tasked to catch as much fish as possible for a local restaurant! :)

You can see the comparative level sizes on this image:

comparative level sizes


Gameplay Info:

- 10-20 hours of gameplay - with Normal and Hard mode!
- S, M, L, XL, XXL sized MAPS!
- 10.000+ fish - in 100's of waves - across dozens of rivers!

- 6 distinct fishermen units - Jimbo, Herb, Ari, Billy, Lucy and Frank - each with 3 new upgrades per unit!

- 17 different types of fish - with 3 HUGE BOSSES - and 7 different auras around fish - that heal, shield, stun...

- 6 unique types of weapons - fishing rods, machine guns, bombs, poisons, Tesla coils...

- 14 levels - ranging from tiny to GIGANTIC!

- Game difficulty going from Easy to Hard with each passing level! As you progress and learn the rules, the levels are becoming harder!

promo 4

promo 1


broj i trajanje nivoa



Meet Jimbo, Herb, Arizona, Billy, Lucy and Frank!

Fishing Maniacs is a story about these crazy cooks, a group of friends and family that get dragged into a very unusual situation when Chef Pier opens a Fish restaurant in a pristine wilderness nearby. The pressures of consumerism and greed push this fragile ecosystem to it's utter limits.

When Chef Pier was in trouble and needed fish for his restaurant, he begged old man Jambalaya to sell him some. But Jimbo couldn't catch enough fish, so he had to call his drunkard friend Herbert.
But it still wasn't enough, so Herb had to call his old buddy Dr. Arizona Jones.
And then Ari had to call his old army friend Billy the Bomber.
Who then had to call his ex-girlfriend Lucy.
And she then had to call that "very special someone", Dr. Frank.

So how will this story unfold?

Find out what will happen with this crazy crew of fishing maniacs by the end of "Chapter 1" of this story!

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