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First of all, welcome everyone! This is my first game with RPG Maker. I've tried other times to make something playable (more oriented to RPG, not horror) but either I didn't have the time to finish it or somewhat became trapped at some point in the story or the development tool and never was able to finish it. So, I can say this time that I've been working on this for a few months with love, and it's finished for its first version!

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I plan to have it available in the next few days. I'll keep you informed through here about this game, other future games and other news.

By the way, just for your eyes: i'm spanish. The game will be available first in it's english version (I hope there aren't much spelling mistakes but if you see any please keep me up to date so I can fix it).

No more to say for today here, just as I said in the next days the first version will be probably up. Stay tuned and thanks for playing if you do, please share your opinions!!!

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