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Planning to release this game within the next month or two. if you guys want it to be released sooner then I would need some extra help with some things.

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So I've been working on this game/mod for nearly 5 months now and It has turned out a lot better than I expected but it has also taken longer than I expected. I decided I will not create any new characters until I have completed the full mod, then I will release any new characters after that as mods. Most of the existing characters still have default LBZ movesets so I need to create more custom moves for most of the characters which will take up a lot of time. I've mostly been working on the story mode because they are the quickest and easiest to make.

Areas in need of helpers:
Avatarpic maker
-Story maker (requires minor understanding of lbz story scripts)
-Move maker (requires minor understanding of lbz move scripts)
-Level maker

Some of these skills are very easy to learn. Especially story making where you just need to edit a text file. Just start by looking at the text file in the story folder that should be called "tutorial" and then copy and paste it and begin editing to make your own story. Edit the dialogue and such they have and you will already have a story. If any of you want to try it out and find some problems then you can ask me.

Well If anyone is interested in helping me with this mod then post here of pm me. It would speed up the process and hopefully get me closer to releasing this.

Features that will be included in the first release:
-New menu background
-New HUD
-New attacks
-Story mode based off the Bleach anime
-Punches replaced by sword slashes
-DBZ characters replaced by a cast of Bleach characters

Characters that will be included:
-Hollow Ichigo


Keep watching for more image, video or news updates on the progress of Bleach: Lemmings. Also thankyou to all the people who have tracked or shown interest in my mod as I never expected it to actually be as popular as this.


Woot! Can't wait!

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Thanks for the article good to find out all that's going into this, having a new menu, HUD etc. is a great idea it separates it from normal mods (as we all know this is going to be awesome). Sorry that I can't help you out but I have no experience in any of those areas but if you need help in anything else just ask :)

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pikachu10 Author

thanks :) I can't really think of anything else to get help with though but thanks for offering.

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you should have tell them that none of those things you ask for,are not hard to learn.specially to make stories ,its really easy at lbz
maeby you could show them how to do it,and so they can join your team and help you make the best bleach mod ever,because really all bleach mods allways get cancel

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pikachu10 Author

I'll link them to lbz forum tutorials :)

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