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The End is on its way, working solo makes it slower and more difficult.

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So far there are a few changes made. New units and such.


Units -

Zone Raider
Combat Engineer (incomplete)

Upgrades -

Battle Hardened - Adds an elite commando unit to all Grenade, Rifle and Missile squads.


Units -

Confessor rifle squad
New militant missile squad
Nod Mantis
Black Hand Purifier
Purity Enslaved (heavy Flame Tank)
C.A.B.A.L. Core Defender
Natasha (commando)
Onslaught Clone (Super Commando)

Upgrades -

All Forgotten Of Honete rifle and missile militants receive a Black Disciple rather than a Confessor

Super Weapon -

Onslaught's Last Resort - Stolen GDI Liquid Tiberium research lead to Onslaught gaining access to his own (less powerful) Liquid Tiberium Bomb which he uses instead of the Temple Of Nod. Timer increased to 10 minutes rather than 7.


There is a LOT more to come, so far I have mainly focused on GDIs Challenger-13 sub-faction but Nod will receive a lot of work very soon. The Natasha standard Nod commando may be replaced with the Natasha model from Red Alert 3 soon.
The Forgotten Of Honete will also use the Soviet Engineer from Red Alert 3.
I am unsure as of yet if I should keep the Core Defender as the giant Avatar as it is now (which is a little glitchy) or whether I should use the Tiberian Twilight Avatar model.
Also the Forgotten Of Honete will use a Tib Twilight crawler as opposed to the Nod MCV. Its functionality will remain the same however as my preference is to base building.

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where is scrin

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