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We've just registered here and will do sort of introduction to what are we doing.

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Cael Dominis is probably what we all dreamed our whole lives.
Galaxy that lives, breathes without you in it, empires rise and fall, catastrophes collapse vast amount of space, supernovas wiping civilizations, industrial corporations spanning millions of lightyears...
This deep feeling you have of something beyond love, some awe, some thrilling tremble that consumes you when you try to comprehend the mysteries of space sitting on this speck of dust, is a driving force of our creation. We love our universe as bird loves air that allows it to fly, and we hope our love will be reflected in our creation.

Cael Dominis is a universe in which you will play a role you chose, with many layers of depth. From pretty standard start of a broke lonesome fortune seeker, to never leaving command chair federation admiral we will try to always leave you a doubt. That subtle feeling that a child has building sand castles on the shore, knowing that at dusk the waves will consume it, and only memory about his achievement will remain.

There is a lot of philosophy that drives this development, it doesn't come from greed or crave for attention, it is a form of expression of inner state, love, curiosity, mystery. We hope you will enjoy the game as much as we do creating it.

Here are pictures from previous updates


galaxy concept



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