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Short update on current events regarding this mod and its development

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Hello there!

This is Unwilledduck and I am presenting the update for this mod.

As you can see the name has changed to Rising Empires.
This mod is going to be a big alternate history mod. If you know how to paint or make leader portaits please join our discord page: Y

ou are also very welcome if you are able to make models. Then you can contact @Peter in the Discord.

The mod won't have Alpha stages for now but we expect to release a version in the near future.
This is what we have done this far:
Added new Nations:

  • German Empire
  • Russian Empire
  • Ilirya
  • Khanet of Crimea
  • Third French Empire
  • United Provinces
  • Galicia

    This is where we are working on:
  • Divided Italy
  • Focus Trees: Greater Philipenes
  • Divided USA
  • Russian Civil War
  • Second Balkan War
  • Second Balkan League
  • Focus tree for Austria to reunite the Empire

    That is all for today! I hope you like the idea and we are eager to hear some of your reactions!

    Stay tuned!


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