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What a better way to start the new year than news.

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First things first: Happy new year, it has been a good year for everyone and I hope we all have a great year this year.Also, during the last months before now, we have been updating our engine, now it looks better than ever and is currently being used for a film trailer for a small college group called Asylum Films, and this is the first time the Obelisk Engine has been used in a live action movie, hopefully there will be more products that will also use this amazing Engine.

About the use in the trailer, due to the college being limited on certain supplies and because they need a huge metal box to use, L-mod United Kingdom spent hours creating Asylum Film's Box and another 3 days creating the scenery for it in the Obelisk Engine, with the deadline of the scenery fast approaching (7th of January) L-mod United Kingdom has 6 days to finish the foliage and vegetation around the box and make it as realistic as possible before presenting it to Asylum Films.

This is our team's first major production.

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