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Dec. 22nd I am releasing a Discord Exclusive First Strike Release! More info below!

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Hello everyone! On Dec. 22nd I will be releasing the SWBF: First Strike Imperial Tech Beta! I'm just as excited to release this as you might be to play this! Although please be aware there are some things I must go through first:

- This Tech Beta will only feature the Imperial side (hence the name) with some slight balancing work to the rebels to make it not as unfun to play

- This Tech Beta will only be playable on Mos Eisley

- This is mainly a Graphical and Balancing test for the Empire so I can move on the the Rebellion!

- Shader Patch is required!

- It may or may not be standalone (similar to SWBF: Saga Edition) to allow for various things such as: allows users to experience the mod without messing up their game files, Simple Installation, Optimized Graphics and much more! This might not be implemented for this Tech Beta but it will for final release!

If you are interested in playing this Tech Demo upon release please join the discord server here:! Here are some early images of the Tech Demo, Featuring the Stormtrooper with Shader Patch materials!



I'm very excited to show everyone what I've been working on for the past few months! This is all the news I have for now, I'll see everyone on the Battlefront!

Special Thanks to Pmate23 and S1thK3nny for special assistance with the mod! (Pmate - Shader Patch Material help, S1thK3nny Stormtrooper rig)

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Coverage on the mod:

DISCLAIMER: This footage is outdated, and is of the July version of the mod, meaning this is before the mod was completely rebuilt from the ground up!


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