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A co-devs a new members and first screenshots of the final models(wip) enjoy the 2nd update.

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Welcome to the second update of the actual Polaris progress.
First, I have the wip model of the soldier. WIP (more details of the name of the character in the 3rd update)

our welcome

Yep, made by jomart2000 (a new member of the team) Texture artist j-pnator, who is also working in the weapon textures (screenshots soon).

I'm starting to animate the weapons, here you can see a new model (M4F5)

animations screenshot

This is another screenshot of the textures in multiplayer.

multiplayer skins

Single player skin.

do you like that?

Wait, do you want see this in game?


The beta is comming!!!! 25/08/2011

End of the transmission.

what is this D:????


I don't think "spaceshipweapons" should be one word, otherwise it looks pretty cool.

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you spelled end wrong just saying

this is cool though

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You said that 'the soldier is in search of a peaceful world' so that means, the game will include forest, swamps, etc? Which also means, inclusion of hostile creatures in the game, right? Hehe. Um, could you add darker or horrific theme in the game? Maybe for the maps. It gives you the edge for a soldier dealing with alien races--You're hunted. You're in unknown land. All hell breaks loose!

Yeah..I'm a doom fanatic too..Hehe! Just a comment, hope it might work for you :)

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