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First update is an overview of the battle system and other basic features of Dead Harem, a 2D RPG about Necromancy.

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Hello reader!
This is the first of the many updates I will be doing for Dead Harem.


Most of the things I have done so far are basic and core features such as the movement system, some still empty maps and basic interaction with objects, however among those features I have added something which will play a big part in the future... Doors.


Not knowing what hides behind a door until you open it will make a big difference in dungeons, will you find a treasure, the exit or a room full of monsters?
Luckly, he was just opening the door to his house's hall... This time!

Battle System

Speaking of dungeons...
Battles might often happen depending on your choices (or luck).
The battle system at its current stage is very raw... No animations, sounds or even all planned features, however it has already some of the basic features (Enough to begin and end a fight, either in victory or... Death).


The movement range will depend on the character's speed... A wizard can move just like any other normal human if he does not cast a spell to enchant his movement, however, a warrior wearing a full plate armor will not be able to move as fast because his movement will be limited in exchange for a bigger defense.

Currently there are two types of movement: Free movement and Normal Movement.
The normal movement shown above will let you walk at your normal speed but if you attempt to do that while near an enemy, they will try to attack you.
The free movement, in the other hand, will only let you move by a step but enemies will not get the chance to attack you, even if they are close.

In future there will be more types of movement, such as running, flying or fleeing (enemies can do the latter one already, rats rarely fight after all).



You can also attack in various way:
You can use your Crossbow to attack from a safe distance, punch your enemies when they get close (not very effective, especially if you do not have enough strength) or use your bolts as improvised weapons and slash/stab your enemy.

Obviously those attacks will depend on your equipment and, as a wizard/necromancer you will mostly if not completely rely on spells, which have not yet been added.


Last but not least, rats (the only enemy in game so far) have a pretty basic AI to fit the game's current features.
They will try to reach you and attempt to attack but only if they are hungry, as a last resort to avoid starvation, otherwise they will simply flee to the nearest escape point.


In future, as I add more features to the combat system, they will charge or even flank with an allied enemy.

Every monster will have their own "Controller", so every enemy will behave differently in a fight.

That is all for now, thanks for reading!
If you want more information, want to discuss the game, suggest a feature and so on...
Visit the Official Homepage

Stay tuned!

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