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With this update we are finally releasing info and images about the NEW DIRECTION we are taking for Effing Dead! Come and take a look, we think you will like it, it's really different: new GFX style, new mechanics, new puzzle. Aren't you curious?

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This week we have started to show the next step in our development. EFFING DEAD is changing with a huge restyling and a lot of new ideas.
Designing things in some kind of "realistic" style cost a lot of effort and so much time, plus many gamers tended to compare our game with AAA titles and this made us think again and again about what we were doing.
So we begin to try different solutions with a new style and try different shaders until the one you can see on the images.
We think it's solid, a bit different, nice to see and also a faster to create for a 2 men team like us.
Take a look and judge by yourself - the differences are huge :

EFFING DEAD major update W.I.P.

Current Updates

Here is a list of things we have done in last 2 months:

> shader and gfx style almost done with more colors and a black outline and different and simpler lights system
> New FIRST LEVEL > near to be complete with the updated tutorial, new puzzles and mechanics and, of course, the action parts
> New CHARACTER GAME MECHANIC > complete and functional, more info soon ^_^
> New HUD INTERFACE CONTROLS > done with new icons and tabs for all the new commands
> New TEXT MESSAGES MANAGER > updated with a better fonts color management and the possibility to add images (N + scalable) on the info/warning pop-ups.

Of course it's still a survival game and it has all the old mechanics but because the shape is completely updated we thought that the radical direction change needs also an update of the GAME NAME .
So, no more EFFING DEAD but a new one that is not (completely) defined right now – please wait for the next news.

Some more WIP images:

EFFING DEAD major update W.I.P.

EFFING DEAD major update W.I.P.

EFFING DEAD major update W.I.P.

As usual we love to hear your comments and opinions so... don't be shy! ;)
Tks in advance for your precious time.

FuzzyMcFluffenstein - - 70 comments

Surprised to see it changed that much. But from the screenshots youve shown so far it does look to be a more memorable game. I also think the suit fits better with this artstyle.

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mrKaizen Author
mrKaizen - - 175 comments

Tks FuzzyMcFluffenstein!
We are very happy with what is coming out ;) - we love the old gfx, its light and direction, BUT to much work for only 2 guys that work in the spare time... :\

Soon some new info & stuff ;)

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go0der - - 153 comments

I think I can get used to it, was a stencil shader planned from the start?

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mrKaizen Author
mrKaizen - - 175 comments

Hi go0der!
At the project start we had different styles in mind - the chosen one, a second one we called "old movie" effect (that we really didn't like that much) and the current new shader (this, btw, has helped with the new step Effing Dead > The Body Changer).

We chose the "real" one (even if it also changed in different steps, take a look to the picture: ) because we liked the idea to challenge ourself (you know: more effort, more glory :D )but.. it was too much (at least for now). :)

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