Never....Again am I going to start a new project near the end of a semester especially since I got a taste of the Finals Week stretch.

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So Finals Week is officially over at R.I.T. for me at least and I am completely exhausted, I don't think I can move another limb. So here is how this next month of development is going to go, I am taking a small break during Christmas week to sit back and relax to regain any and all sanity I lost, get it sanity, Amnesia, well fuck you too :) Anyways so for the next week I am taking a break and hopefully the other 4 weeks I am back home in a roommateless house with no trace of him singing, "I Came in Like a Wrecking Ball," while he does his Physics homework, I should be able to get at least 4 more rooms created hopefully and I will have more to show you guys :D! Good news is that the Lobby is done, well pretty much I mean I only have one thing more to add and that is the crevice on the second floor that holds the unicorn medal in the B scenarios, but that is simple and quick so I will come back to that later so basically the most difficult part is done and the most detail oriented, the other ones will have equal amount of detail, but by god it will be easier to make a 4 walled room or hallway rather than a cluster fuck that shouts, "HEY! Play me!"

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