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Actual Gameplay Video of Combat and Randomized Death Animations.

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As you can see in the video I've added lethal combat into the game. I say "lethal combat" because I also plan on having non-lethal weapons for Neon to use that bruise, stun and knock-out his enemies. The thing is I've been a lot more excited about death animations then KO animations so while I like the idea of giving the player choice I feel like I need to find an extra hook for the non-lethal combat to be viable. It's really satisfying to see the enemy's head or arm fly off and I need to find something similar for the stun and KO animations.

Also you'll notice there's a score system now. Currently body kills are 50 points and decapitation is worth 100. There's something morbid with how video games get away with summing up a characters worth by a number on a scoreboard or an item drop (it's the best though, isn't it?).


hehehehe i recognize that blood splatter from a familiar site :D

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stuhp84 Author

lol, yeah at some point I'll have to go back and make sure all my art is original.

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I thought the first rule of fight club was that there was no fight club

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