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Fist release of the MechCommander2 Campaign Borderworlds.

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Hey ho!
Eventually after more then 3 years I'm able to release this campaign to the public. Incredible how many things you have to check, check again and again until they work good-enough for a release.
Anyhow, big thanks again to Wolfman for his mod of MC2 (wolfman-MC2X (R20) ) which allows me to use the object density for the missions I was looking for and the stability you need while playing them. And my good fellow hiaz for testing the missions again and again and again ...

The Prologue Map 4 start position
The prolog : mercenaries

But of course nothing is perfect so please take a moment and check the following:


- qucksave often but quickload rarely! There are a few bugs connected with quickloading which are in some maps more obvious (ice map) then in others (last one). Most noticeable the scripted ai-path can get corrupt. This can lead to ai units standing bit confused around and making the whole gameplay easier then intended. So I've your able try plying without quickload to get the real impression of action going on!


- you don't have to! Just extract the zip somewhere and play. Maybe you have to install the vcredist_x86.exe. It's in the zip.



Bugs, Errors & Co.

The maps are for sure not free of problems. Sometimes bc MC2 is not the most forgiving game when it comes to script mistakes. Sometimes because random ai-scripting behavior is leading to strange things. If you find something tell me! If there's something I can do about I'll try to fix it.


Astonishing work with those new fresh meshes!

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