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Article about what you will find in the first release.

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The time has come! The first release of these modified lamps is here!

I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I did when testing. This article is here to show, what is included in the Release 1.0 and what will come in the future.


  • Most of the lamps (lamps that are used frequently are there)
  • Lamps when used in high quantity and in big rooms - FPS drops :3
  • Two new types of Bonfires (the original bonfire which is used in Full Conversion and Custom Stories modEs. Bonfire general is with additional particles and Bonfire Stove, which is used mainly in stoves and also has some dust particles placed onto it.


There are more things to come, that I want to do in my spare time. For example:

  • Different Lanterns (retextured ones, different colors)
  • More Lamps (For now, there are mainly the default ones from A:TDD)
  • More Lamp Color Variations
  • Optimization of lamps

There are still some default lamps missing (like 13_burner, stairwelder_torch, bridge_torch)
but they will be added in later releases.

Also If you want to watch the video I put on ModDB in higher quality.

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