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This is my first post, which describes my first 57 days of work as well as announcing the completion of the first hero, The Rocketeer.

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While this is the first post, thats not to say that there hasn't been much progress. In fact its been quite the opposite. I've been putting on average about a solid 4 hours a day of work into the mod since the start and its coming along nicely.

Most of the work has gone into writing the Dota core, such as the framework for abilities, heroes, items, buffs, etc. While its not done yet, i've got it working for abilities, heroes, and am working on items. I also finished the first hero, the Rocketeer, about a week ago, but i'll have more details on that later.

The main dota map, fd_dota, (seen in the screenshots) while not done yet either, is also coming along nicely. This map is going to look as close as I can get it to the original map for Dota, sculpted in the source enviornment.

If you're interested in helping out, I'd love to have you. I currently have a need for modelers and texture artists. Modelers and texture artists will be paid for contributed work (once the mod is released) based both on the amount and quality of their work.

Unable to model and don't have an artistic eye? Well, I could still use your help! I'm currently looking for mature, serious beta testers.

You can reach me at If you've got prior experience, send me a small picture or snippet of your work, it'l go a long way!


Hey there im here to help ... i know 3dmax, photoshop, etc
Are you planing making a new game or you wanna make just like dota (heroes items etc?)

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