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Following an awesome public release, this first of many updates fixes a handful of issues.

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Overwatch Released!

Did you miss it? Take a look:

Patch 1.1.2

Overwatch's first patch was released today, August 25th, 2010 at around 22:00 UTC/GMT. This update includes all fixes from the 1.1.0+Sv10 server-side patch, and is now available via the Updater utility (in-game), or as a full installer/Zip file. Server files have also been released in a Zip file (right here).

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OVERWATCH 1.1.0 PLAYERS: If your Steam installation is located on a hard drive that is different from the drive where Windows is installed, the Updater utility you currently have will not be able to update your copy of Overwatch to 1.1.2. You will need to redownload the installer (Overwatch_112.exe or newer) and use it to bring Overwatch up to the latest build. The new Updater utility included in 1.1.2 will now function correctly no matter where Steam is installed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work hard to improve our utility!

Here is the complete list of changes:

[+] Game (Client/Server) › General

  • [Improvement] Players are no longer frozen before GM is selected. Round will reset when a GM is selected, and players will then be frozen during the warmup period.
  • [Improvement] Round will now reset if all players leave the server, or if there is only 1 player on the server during GM selection.
  • [Improvement] Updated default motd.txt to display information about Overwatch updates (
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a rare case where a revive action could cause a server crash.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a rare case where a GM box-select action could cause a server crash.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a very annoying issue where a player selected as the GM (Overwatch) would get a near-horizontal view, instead of top-down.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a map cycle issue where a server would reload the same map at the end of the game, instead of loading the next one on the list.
  • [Bug Fix] GM opt-in choices are reset after a round reset (new round). Spectators will no longer be selected as GM.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed case where the "Waiting for more players.." text wouldn't show up.
  • [Bug Fix] Scrollbars on the MOTD when joining a server are now displayed correctly.

[+] Updater Utility › General

  • [Improvement] Updater will no longer fail with error "Target file already exists" in certain special cases. Instead, it will force an override on any existing files during an update.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed update problems caused by Steam installations on a hard drive that is different from the drive containing Windows/the system's temp path, by using a local _backup dir inside of /overwatch (no more moving files between drives).

What's in 1.2.0?

Plenty! With the public release and patch out of the way, our entire focus is now on Overwatch's next update, which will feature a long list of improvements to our official maps (Citadel and Breach) as well as a few neat new features. More information and a sneak peek can be found in the upcoming Development Report.

When can you expect this update? Early September, which is only a few weeks away!

Level Designers..

..we need YOU. If you have more talent than you know what to do with, be sure to take a look at this job post, then take a deep breath and send us your application!

Until next.


Very nice, the OV view angle bug was annoying, glad you fixed it.
Looking forward to the next verion and more maps :P.

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bam bam bam

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Awesome. You guys really know how to please your community. Looking forward to the next update, but in the meantime I'll be playing 1.1.2.

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I love you with much love.
Love, Maniac.

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