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So now we are starting for real! I hope you all are glowing with anticipation, because i know we are. This is just the beginning of this project and I hope you all wish us good luck, because we are going to need it. And remember: The emperor protects.

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Hello everyone!

So now we are starting for real!

We are currently at phase 1, which means that we are still typing the core designs for the entire thing. We wont be needing new members at this moment except for a few that could help out with establishing a strong foothold for the team.

We are currently looking for people with some modding or industry experience that could help out in these categories:

  • Web design: we would like to have a simple web page done for this mod, so that it may look serious.
  • Forum admin: Someone who knows how to run a forum efficantly and clean, Also create custom graphics.
  • GUI designer: The mod is going to need one in this early stage so that he might have time to make plans before programmers find their way in to the mod.
  • Programmer / scripter: Someone who knows their way around coding games would be usefull to have.

(work samples is a requirement to be able to join this team)

If you are interessted in enlisting to this mod, please send me a private message and we can talk through the details.

As of now, the team do not need more members than listed. Because I simply cannot provide that many assignments for everyone yet.

Stay tuned for updates! :)



Guys, great work so far with the models, however what I would suggest is to go talk to GW and get their blessing asap.

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Tias Author

I have read the legal documents at games workshop, also, they get swarmed with such mails every day, and that they cant answer all of them, and they say its ok as long as you make sure to give them cred for the warhammer universe and dont disputes their rights to it. But sure, sending one in hopes of blessing is always good.

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