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My goal is to make AvP classic appear like a modern game (or as close as it can look), using pre rendered per pixel lighting with stencil shadows.As well as adding and replacing single player and multiplayer maps with high quality more enjoyable maps.

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Things are going underway quite well thanks to my friends Mad Max RW and Blade Ghost, who taught me every thing I know about AvP design. I highly suggest you check out their sites for their totally awesome mods AvP Classic Redux and AvP Mods by Blade Ghost. They will both greatly improve your game experience.

I,m confident with the AvP game engine, the game is doing things I never dreamed it would back in 1999. with direct x 9 support, high poly count models and high resolution texture support. Even with out source code for higher shader model support for true per pixel lighting, I believe the illusion of per pixel and dynamic lighting can be achieved using high resolution textures and a few tricks. I,m Excited to see about the extent of how noticeable pre rendered lighting will be in game. I will have to run a few tests and then hopefully I will post a video of the simulated lighting.

Actual texture work is on hold for now until I purchase a scanner to import more complex hand drawn bump map textures to simulate lighting. I will keep you all posted as much as possible.

Thank you, JLG81

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