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Team Deathmatch has finally been implemented by the community giant Drakon! Way to go.

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Drakon, who has been a massive Metal Drift community supporter since day one, who is also the host of the IRC, TeamSpeak, and SW Servers, has once again been a pioneer. He can now claim the title of the first person to release a mod for Metal Drift! There are still plenty of technical hurdles to jump over, but hopefully this is the first step in opening the door to other mods. Way to go Drakon!

Team Death Match - 12 bots

TDM is one of those features we've been begging for since... well, forever. Here's a quick rundown of the new gamemodes features.

  • Respawn Timer is set to only 5 Secs
  • Round starts are only 25 secs (Reduced from 45sec)
  • End Timer is also reduced.

There is still a ball but you are unable to see it and are unable to score with it. It is only there to get the bots going.

Future Plans:

  • Super Ball - Picking up the ball and holding it will give you bonuses to Speed Shield Regen and Possibly other things. Down side every one will be aiming at you. ;)
  • Getting rid of the ball on the Radar for "No Super Ball" games.
  • Also, I'm testing out some point increases on the server. Let me know if you think it should be lowered or raised. You should not be getting above 1500-2000 points. I want to keep it on par with the CTF maps point wise. (Right now an avg TDM in 8 mins gets you 500-800 points if you are doing very well.)

New(ish) Map!

He also edited the Tutorial map so now it's a wicked open TDM map that's been (un)offically dubbed "Team Death Match Deck!" It's pretty new feeling since it's so open... but it's basically awesome in every way. Here's a quick video to show you the diffrences and changes that were made.


You don't need to download any thing. Every thing is server side. Just log in and find the Team Death Match server in the internet list. See you in the server.

Join the discussion on how to make it better (or figure out how to make your own mods) by jumping over to the thread:

arramus - - 206 comments

Interesting addition to a great game. Time for a little mosey to the servers. :)

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