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Everyone loves eye candy. Or at least almost everyone. So, in addition to the various insights we gave about the GG world prototype, we have now unleashed some visual mojo from our Unreal track onto you.

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If yes, feel free to continue reading. Or staring at screenshots like this one:

So, let´s face the facts:

When asking our community, if we should roll out the entire game in an old-school vintage look OR switch to next (or better current?) gen visuals, we ALWAYS receive a 50:50 mix of answers. While this isn´t helpful in taking tough decisions like the one which engine Antinomy will be rolled out and shipped in the end, we see that people heavily respond to the few Unreal 4 shots we have published. And yes, those screens indeed look lovely.

But this is not the main reason why we have co-developed a smaller track with playable pieces based on Unreal 4. The other is, that Unreal would allow us to ship the games on consoles, too.

I personally still prefer the old-school look we got in our custom GameGuru version, but it´s actually hard to argue against the technical quality of visuals like that:

However, a final switch from GG to Unreal would also bring several challenges:

  • All Gameplay elements already scripted in LUA would have to be re-created in either BluePrints or code
  • Most of the assets we had already in our database and were good enough to keep them in the Production stage on GameGuru, would have to be converted to Unreal, which is basically possible, but...
  • ...all of them tearing down the overall visual quality would have to be polished or re-created again.
  • The size of the world would not allow to keep it in memory when running on Unreal, so we would have to fall back on asset streaming. From all I have learned this is not a problem anymore, but my past experience from my commercial U3 projects was horrible.
  • We would have to re-build the entire world again. However, this is not as big a deal as it sounds right now

All of that can be handled, but we have to take into account that we would need additional employees or freelancers to get it done - especially if we want to move to consoles. The urban legend of "create once, deploy hassle-free on all platforms" is exactly that - a legend. Complex games will never run out of the box on a system that hasn´t been the development platform. However, in the end we would of course get something that looks on all platforms like that:

So, if you want to see that happen, file in your pledge at the Antinomy Kickstarter page. And for reading through this entire post we have even a small video for you:

GreenForest - - 426 comments

I would like to see reloading animation if that 1870s shotgun. With a stick and bag of powder I suppose. :D

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IvanErtlov Author
IvanErtlov - - 342 comments

You are not that far from the truth :D

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