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Some information on the MOD: Firstly, it is a MOD of a kind quite different from the usual games. It's both an RPG and game platforms. You play with a camera in 3rd person, so Gears Of War (thank you for the GOC).
You incarnate Dawn, a young woman of 24 years. A kind of justice-but not in the sense "Super-Heroes", rather a kind of detective work for people, as a volunteer. The economic system and improvements will be based on precisely that.
By helping people, you will receive bonus money or parts to improve the robot. But you must also feed your companion robot in looking for orbs scattered across the map. This will also allow you to unlock bonus areas and improvements to your robot.
Finally, there is no any weapons. You will have only 4 powers to invoke some forces. We are still working on the principle of interaction of elements and the nature of power used. The possibilities are almost unlimited ideas are not lacking ...
Finally, you'll have to fight some sort of illusions. But I can not say more for now, we prefer to keep a certain number of points, secrets.

The new version of the robot Regeneration
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