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Contains gameplay of first level. Also talking about other less "important" thing.

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I've recorded the gameplay. As you can see,the level has changed. The images in gallery will be changed soon. So for now, the first level is completed.

First noticeable thing is that removed box from the middle. It was really ugly. Fun fact, box cointained crowbar and headcrab. Also, I changed lights and room in first Combine fight section. There is now gate,and the computer doesnt seel anymore.

I also added some fixes after publishing video. The APC car isn't sunken anymore, and bin has changed its place.


Let me ask you this, are you looking to create believable spaces as if they would exist in the real world or are you going for an abstract approach to the maps and theme?

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Not bad for a youngling.

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"Combine won. You're the last member of The Resistance."
you start from nowhere, then you find all the guns of the game in the first room, you find combine soldiers in a random building that doesnt looks like a combine base or outpost, and the objects are placed too random
but for experiment and learning its ok
i suggest using diferent textures, like the prison or the city ones
and making it like you are escaping from nova prospekt or fighting against civil protection

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