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Talking about some improvment ideas and about your feedback so far.

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Thanks for all, who played Bladequest - TFC so far, especially to those who gave feedback. So far you seem to like the graphics and atmosphere of the game, were especially the last one was very, very important for me during developement.

What you did not like so far, was the yet not very complex combat system, but still I am happy with it as a first attempt. You gave me some cool input and it is so cool to recieve direct feedback from you. As a developer its sometimes hard to see were your game lacks of content, or features and what it needs to be addictive and fun to play.

But have no worries, I read your feedback and take it really serious and I planned to add more to the combat system either way, as said it is just a first attempt. I plan to implement such awesome stuff such as ragdoll, smarter AI and the ability for the player to kick his enemies to stop their power attacks.

As the project grows and as I have something to show I plan to create some youtube videos showing what awesome stuff I came up wit, created from your feedback. Feel free you already subscribe to my channel to be the very first seeing the cool stuff and maybe even get some cool offers.

Stay cool and awesome!

Markus form Phodex Games

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