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What this first version offers, and what is planned in future releases.

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Current features:

-New national focus for Austria-Hungary: This focus allows the trialist proposal to be decided again.

-The new proposal contains three options:
1, Refuse, which causes -200 political power loss.
2, Postpone, which grants cores for Hungary in the historical Kingdom of Hungary, and for Croatia in the historical Kingdom of Croatia.
3, Immediate release, which releases the two countries with their historical lands cored.

New rulers for the released countries. The rulers are added if the 2nd option is chosen as well. The base mod event adds Franz Ferdinand as King of Hungary, and Karl I as King of Croatia, which would obviously cause contradictions after 1914. I chose Habsburg princes closely related to the rulers: The younger brother of Karl I as King of Hungary, and the son of Franz Ferdinand as King of Croatia.

An event, which turns Austria-Hungary into the Austrian Empire if Hungary is released. It's currently set to fire ~20 days after the release.

Planned features:

Including the different trialist ideas that existed at the beginning of the 20th century, such as:
-Coronation Land (CL) plan, the most basic trialist idea, where both released countries get only their historical areas,
-Bjelovucic-plan, which included assigning Galicia to Hungary,
-Hanau-plan, which would've assigned present-day Slovenia to Croatia,
or any combination of these theories.

Include some semi-historical or alternative history proposals, which had little support but were theoretically possible, such as:
-Kingdom of Bohemia (becoming a "quadrupalist" monarchy),
-Stephenian - Zvonimirian debate, which would allow the release of Hungary and Croatia in a single country.

Add some kind of research bonus for the released countries to compensate the delay.

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