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First time sharing one of my projects, a first person adventure game called >SEND_HELP.

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Hey IndieDB,

just thought I'd share a bit more about my passion project!

>SEND_HELP has you working the night shift in a warehouse, normally a pretty routine job, until strange things start happening. The gameplay is based around item and logic puzzles, so I guess it mostly qualifies as an adventure game.

One of the key aspects of the gameplay is the ever changing nature of the warehouse, so my first step was to develop a little "maze generator".

The green cubes are "reserved" spaces for handcrafted rooms. The maze generator makes sure there is always a path to these reserved spaces, so no matter the layout the player is guaranteed to be able to reach them.

Each cell in the maze is assigned a random weight (combined with a Perlin noise texture to get some nice patterns despite the randomness). The algorithm then "marches" through the grid, following the path of least resistance, until all reserved spaces have been reached.

This way I can design custom rooms while randomly generating everything around them.

That's it for today, hope everybody has a great week-end!

P.S.: I'm a programmer, not an artist, so I'm using Unreal marketplace assets for the art (I do build the levels from scratch, I just couldn't model / texture if my life depended on it). Everything else is made from scratch by me, hopefully this doesn't make my project an asset flip ^-^'

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