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Hello from zemaGamez. Here's a little bit of info about our Upcoming Steam release: The Ritual on Weylyn Island.

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As this is our first official post here at Indie DB - I thought I'd take a sec and say hi and supply some general info about our upcoming release!

First-Person Survival Horror Story

Steam Summer 2015
Xbox and PS4 Fall / Winter 2015

Synopsis / Summary

A story-driven First-Person Survival Horror -blending action, stealth, and discovery to tell a classic
horror story.

The Ritual on Weyln Island takes place in the early 80's on a remote, forested, private island in the
Pacific North West. When Moira Weylyn returns to her Grandfather's home to settle his will -she discovers her family has disappeared and an ancient evil has awakened on the island. Moira realizes that her very fate lies in solving the greater mystery at the heart of Weylyn Island.

It's a story full of dread and suspense. Light on jump-scares and heavy on story, the game is centered around a layered storyline that takes an unprecedented twist at the end in a way that's never been
done before in games.


Our game mechanics blend non-combat, run-and-hide elements similar to Outlast and use interactable items similar to Gone Home to add layers to our story (as well as more traditional, navigational-based puzzles familiar to the horror genera).

We'll updating more here soon as we get closer to releasing our Beta.

For Additional information, behind the scenes info -or to contact us pls visit our website and Dev blog at

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