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Finally, I am proud to release Firearms Source 1.0e, a huge improvement on our previous Firearms Source builds. After public testing the game the past week, we have been receiving great feedback. With this release, we are finalizing FAS 1.0 and are putting are heads back down and going to work on our Attachment System for 1.1. We are hoping that FAS 1.0e is what you were expecting for our initial release, and more.

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Finally, I am proud to release Firearms Source 1.0e, a huge improvement on our previous Firearms Source builds. After public testing the game the past week, we have been receiving great feedback. With this release, we are finalizing FAS 1.0 and are putting are heads back down and going to work on our Attachment System for 1.1. We are hoping that FAS 1.0e is what you were expecting for our initial release, and more. We will also be kick starting league play and will be recording a clan battle between two prominant Firearms clans that have made their return. So please, check out our trailer while you download our 1.0e client.

  • Increased Weapon Accuracy
  • An increase in the base weapon accuracy across all weapons allows for more distant engagements. The problem before this was that most engagements were happening face to face due to the general inaccuracy of the weapons. If you fired at someone at a distance, most of your shots would miss, and those that did connect were limb shots more often than not. Increasing accuracy allows you to properly aim and take down targets with precision, and a greater influence from fire modes gives players a better reason to swap at different ranges.

  • Decreased Armor Absorption Levels
  • With the decrease in armor absorption, players are generally taken down much faster under fire but their armor lasts much longer overall. The problem before was that with full heavy, we saw quite a bit of tanking, and players simply weren't being taken down quick enough. Fire fights would often last multiple magazines. We have since dropped the absorption by half of its previous value, with more decisive and exciting firefights as a result.

  • New Server Options
  • 1.0e is our last planned patch before the big 1.1 release, so we want to make sure the server admins have the tools they need to run a successful server. These new server options allow server owners to limit weapons where they see fit, restricting weapons for scrimmaging or competitive games. While we encourage all play styles in FAS, we understand that others may want to tailor the experience.

  • Over 60 Resolved bugs
  • We are fixing bugs daily, and trying to remove all critical bugs so that we can allow our player base to grow. Unfortunately, there was some oversight to how extreme a number bugs were, particularly in the case of the ragdoll issue mentioned above. In its worst form, this all but prevented players with lower end specifications from joining servers in progress. In 1.0e you will notice a much more stable game, both as the client and server.

Changelog 1.0e

  • Speed modifiers for heavy and medium armor.
  • You can select spectate from the team menu after spawning now.
  • Fixed bug where you would be shown in the wrong team colour when an enemy you hurt would commit suicide. This is now shown as an "assisted suicide" in the death notices.
  • Teamkills no longer report an assister to avoid confusion with the assister being in the wrong team colour. You are silently rewarded assist points.
  • Improved assault rifle accuracy (usually 2-3x more accurate) - tweaked to 1024 unit range
  • Improved SMG accuracy (about 1.5-2x more accurate) - tweaked to 512 unit range
  • Improved pistol accuracy (to about the same degree as SMGs), lowered damage to compensate
  • LMGs now have 0.25x the bullet cone while deployed
  • M60 damage lowered
  • M1911 damage increased
  • SR-25 recoil significantly increased
  • Lowered M79 Cost
  • Fixed inaccurate skill descriptions
  • When healing yourself with the IFAK, it no longer reports the previous healing target
  • Fixed tracer rounds on the Vollmer
  • Armor damage mitigation modified to lower values. Light 0.4x, Medium 0.5x, Heavy 0.6x
  • Different types of armor have different armor hit point values, rather than being 150 for all of them. Light has 100, heavy has 200, helmet has 100, limb armor has 75
  • Added new damage sounds
  • Run speed reduced to 210 from 230 (~9% slower)
  • Sprint speed reduced to 325 from 340 (~4% slower)
  • Changed strafe and backpedal speeds. Backwards: 0.6 from 0.8, Strafe: 0.7 from 0.8
  • Removed delay between firemode toggle
  • Added missing MenuOpen/MenuClose/MenuPulse HUD animations
  • Resolved sniper weapon selection slot conflicts
  • Delay between voice and radio messages
  • Weapons start with full ammo on spawn (6 reserve mags rather than 4)
  • Hopefully improved stability of Mortars
  • Added a fas_version command
  • Reworked the ammobox code a little bit to address the ammoboxes only giving ammo to the current weapon
  • Made some tweaks to the lighting effects for the NVG's to help prevent model texture/material washout
  • Addressed an area of potentially invalid memory in the round over HUD element which could cause a crash
  • Reworked some VGUI panels (MOTD, team panel, loadout etc)
  • Fixed hint panel showing a black box with no text in it
  • Fixed case where holding down MOUSE2 would continue to play the idle animation when you aim down the sights (G36C)
  • Holding down the attack, attack2 or reload key will no longer prevent a weapon from deploying
  • Solved some visual glitches associated with bolt action (or pump action) weapons
  • Disabled the ability to jump if your stamina is less than the amount of stamina drained for jump
  • Slightly upped the stamina drain for jumping from 20 to 30
  • Setting fas_endgametimer to -1 will remove the 0 rein timeout, waiting until all the players on the team are dead or a full cap is made
  • Added fov_desired cvar which is used in Valve's official games which allows you to adjust your FOV between 75 and 90. Defaults to 90
  • You can no longer climb a ladder while prone or ducked
  • Burst fire queues bullets to fire, so 1 click = 3 bullets (with M16/FAMAS), rather than having to hold it down
  • mp_switchteams is now fully operational and will flip the teams when a server admin issues the command
  • Ability to restrict weapons per-server through a weapons blacklist
  • Shotgun reload cancelling waits until you have released the mouse button
  • View punches for recoil are now applied to spectators
  • Firemode recoil modifiers are fully operational
  • Marksman skill increases accuracy in 10% increments rather than 5% (5->10, 10->20, 15->30)
  • Projectiles no longer spawn at the other side of a wall when you're facing next to one
  • Reinforcements are drained on spawn rather than death
  • Added 4-directional hit indicators, in addition to the red fade
  • Ammo caches will replace partial magazines
  • Fix for ragdoll spam on initial spawn which would lag out players
  • Re-compressed textures which should help users running on low end machines
  • SG550 has been re-animated
  • Specular maps added to weapon view models
  • Fixed channels and attenuation of some sounds, fixes some issues where you can't hear the gun you're being shot by
  • Fixed potential crashes with quick bandaging
  • Kill icon for suicide
  • Fixed ERRORNAME appearing when destroying SD objectives
  • Fixed bug with animations and reloading when going prone with internal magazine weapons (M3)
  • Fixed the appearance of an IFAK floating next to a player when a player has been put in spectator
  • Weapons can fire underwater
  • Added cvar fas_switch_teams_on_rwin which flips the teams and rein count between rounds
  • Gunnery II now improves holster/deploy times as the label describes
  • Server name now appears on scoreboard
  • Game should now end after a full cap results in a team going to 0 reins
  • PointsForDestroy keyvalue on sd crates to give players points for destroying the objective
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StandingCow - - 64 comments


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NiveouS - - 16 comments


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rellik_pt - - 97 comments

no patch? i have to download everything again?

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments


Looks...underwhelming, sad to say that as a fan of the HL version.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

I'm gonna receive a bad karma shower, but well, I agree with ya :(

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Leicheh - - 180 comments

where is my patch release >:I
i dont want to download ~800 MB >:

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DysPatch Author
DysPatch - - 101 comments

The reason for the lack of a patch, is that the build would have still been around 500MB due to all of the changes made. As a way to also reduce the risk of new players mixing up a patch as a full, we have gone just with the full download for this release. I hope you understand our concern, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Dr_Gonzo - - 73 comments

Well I'm not really bothered by the download. Nice patch, can't wait for 1.1 now.

I understand it is a lot of work, and probably not planned to be added for quite a while if at all, BUT will parachuting into the mission ever be added? I absolutely loved that in the original.

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FAS_Naota - - 95 comments

Believe me, we all like parachutes just as much :P. The big workload associated with them is the maps and environments you need to support their existence, and how little return there is for that work compared to just spawning the player in the combat zone. It's really neat being able to parachute down from an impressive height as the introduction to a level, but once you land and start the fighting the gameplay is identical, and it takes a lot of work setting that intro up for mainly immersion/aesthetic appeal.

Parachutes are mainly just for the "this is awesome!" effect, and outside of specific areas don't really change gameplay as much as new guns and the like, so they're lower on our list of priorities than things like the new attachment system. That said, I'm sure we'll work our way down to them eventually along with other old favourites like some form of the old medivac system.

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Dr_Gonzo - - 73 comments

Well that fills me with hope! Thanks for the response.

Oh and imo sometimes its the 'this is awesome!' effects that can make a game. I'm really enjoying the mod, but personally weapon attachments will do nothing for me. And, I know this is a bit cynical and probably not true, but adding weapon attachments just seems like a cod-like addition which imo is a bad idea.

But regardless, it's a great mod and I will continue playing!

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thatguyphilip - - 404 comments

yay another update :D

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Acilius - - 241 comments


Mod still sucks regardless of update

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Acilius - - 241 comments


Mkilbride 13hours 57mins ago buried:
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Looks...underwhelming, sad to say that as a fan of the HL version.

Proof that the community can't take constructive criticism at any capacity.

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Amplified - - 1 comments

"Mod still sucks regardless of update"

Yes, that's obviously constructive criticism. The amount of construction put into that argument overwhelmed me completely. Holy ******* **** I can't even begin on how well you stated your point.

*End of sarcasm*
Mind to elaborate on your point good sir? Bitching does nothing to help the mod. If you can't do that, then please kindly **** off.

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Dr_Gonzo - - 73 comments

Yeah I think you need to look up what constructive criticism is. If you had said in a polite manner, 'I'm disapointed because of X and it could be improved by doing Y'.

That would be constructive criticism. What you are doing is pointless moaning at something far better than you would ever be able to achieve.

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Teh-Critic - - 136 comments

If you think is sucks so bad, why dont you make a mod thats better? Huh? Or maybe cause you didnt come up with it yourself. Also you might not be as good as you think you are, I dont think Im a pro, so quit whining.

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schoAsch - - 31 comments

if i want to join a server it always tell me this:

Disconnect: This Steam account is being used in another location

what can i do now?

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