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Firearms Source 1.0c Patch is released! Plenty of bug fixes, balancing of damages, and new design changes.

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It’s finally time to release 1.0c, a patch that will focuses on tackling some bugs and balancing our weapons and damages. We have also made some new design decisions, so I will lay out the major changes for you in an orderly fashion.

New Scoring Values

We have decided to change scoring to make promotions less frequent, while still awarding fair points. Objectives now give you 3 points, frags give you 2 points, and assists give you 1 point. Thus, promotions have been moved to every 10 points to accommodate for these changes.

Push Reinforcement Drains

Due to rushing teams often getting out gunned by the more defensive players, we wanted to reward those rushers by draining reinforcements from the opposing team based on how many forward control points they own. For each control point they grab from the middle point onward, the reinforcements are drained by 3 reinforcements every 60 seconds. So on maps like Crossfire, you will drain 6 reinforcements every 60 seconds if you own the middle and fourth control point. If you are playing on Sand and you capture the third control point, you will drain the enemies reinforcements by 3 every 60 seconds.

Rewarding Aiming

We have increased the head hitbox multiplier to 2.5 from 2 and the chest hitbox multiplier to 1.3 from 1.0. This will reward players who keep their crosshair on the enemies’ head, as opposed to those who just spray as many bullets as they can at the enemy. We have also increased the accuracy bonus of semi auto weapons and burst weapons, so that you can get headshots at distances.

Those have been the major design changes in 1.0c, the rest of the changelog in detail is below. I hope you all enjoy the fixes, and those that may have been turned off from FAS, I encourage you to give it another shot with these fixes. Our next update will be a major release and that will likely happen at the beginning of the Fall, unless there are any crucial bugs that need to be fixed before then.

Changelog 1.0 to 1.0c

• Heavy weapon moving view model effect changed to a more suitable one.
• Heavy weapons with scopes can be unscoped while moving now (right click will unscope rather than going to the next zoom level on the M82 while moving)
• Hitbox damage multipliers buffed (head: 2.5x, chest: 1.3x, stomach: 1.0x, arms: 0.7x, legs: 0.5x), no longer using cvars
• Forced M24 unscope on reload
• Fixed scoped recoil modifiers
• Bleeding players will spurt blood when they go through a bleed cycle
• Push and Territorial Control areas will show in the screen overlay (just like the S&D entities do)
• Claymore damaged has been amplified — I screwed this one up right before release by accident when I was trying to chop out some unnecessary effect code that was causing spikes in net traffic. This is just the un-screwup. -cjd
• Fixed ammo caches not giving ammo
• Added randomization to the player model appearance
• Bandage key doesn’t set IFAK as last weapon
• M3 reload animations should be smoother
• Interruptible M3 reload (either +attack or +attack2 will do it)
• Transition for aiming down the sight shouldn’t jitter as much
• Hospice flag placement now uses Valve’s progress bar code
• Added Hints for Hospice Flag deploying and upon entering an area
• “Healing target” HUD element now stays on the player you’re healing as you’re healing them
• M24 no longer takes ages to cock after shooting
• Weapons don’t play the idle animation as much – this is most noticeable on the G36C
• Within the radius of a hospice flag, medics heal twice as much as they would do normally, rather than just adding 10 onto the healed HP
• AK-47 bayonet’s damage now matches the Machete’s, slight range buff.
• Stamina drain for sprinting reduced, low stamina penalty now waits until you’re on 5% stamina rather than 15%
• Fixed instance where last player on 0 reins team disconnects and doesn’t end the game
• View model bob cycle tweaked, should give off a less “floating” feel
• G36C has half the recoil when scoped now
• Drop primed grenades on death
• Added radio and voice command menus
• Added hints relating to IFAK
• Mappers: fas_game_logic_reins now checks to see if the new reins value dipped below the threshold when the previous value was above it
• fas_rein_notification entity being present on a map won’t cause it to not work (aliased to fas_game_logic_reins for backwards compat).
• You can change the alpha of the objective/player icon overlay (cl_overlay_icons_alpha, value is between 0 and 1)
• If you change the maximum distance of the obj/player overlay to a value < 0, icons will not fade out at distance (cl_overlay_fade_distance)
• Pressing your jump key while prone will make you unprone (same as when you press the normal prone key)
• You can no longer prone in mid-air
• Client-side ragdolls will only spawn after the player has joined the game and started playing, this should prevent ragdolls from spawning immediately when a player joins the server causing severe lag.
• Added client-side dynamic lighting to NVG’s to simulate light amplification in the world. Can be turned off if FPS is an issue (cl_nvg_dlight)
• Changed tracer effect on the machine guns to use a red particle tracer instead of the old yellow non-particle version
• Improved semi-automatic assault rifle accuracy, bullet cone is 75% – down from 90%
• Improved semi-automatic SMG accuracy, bullet cone is 85% – down from 95%
• Improved burst fire on SMGs and ARs to 90% original cone.
• Increase assault rifle recoil
• Better player hitboxes on model
• M82 recoil increased, rate of fire decreased (you have to wait longer for the weapon to re-fire)
• You now start bleeding after taking 30 damage rather than 20
• You can no longer jump while deployed
• Fixed exploits on Iwojima and Dragovo
• Brightened darker maps and pitch black areas
• Added proper control point entity for HUD flag placement
• Lowered damages of high ROF weapons

Lots of nice tweaks in this update. good job.

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now this is a tasty patch!

This is perfect, this patch solves all the problems I had with it before. Great job!

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The fact that I will no longer see hundreds of mustached macho guys makes me feel sad. Random models :o
I wonder what are those uzi and sterling model files, though.

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