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Find The Cat is now live on Kickstarter! Come back it up!

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Hello everyone. I wish to announce you the Kickstarter for Find The Cat. The current game I've been working on for the past few months.

In Find The Cat, you have to find and collect colored cats to bring them back home. The game is meant to be short and simple, with elements from puzzle platformers.

current features :

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- There are currently 4 main levels in the game. Each one ending with you getting a cat. Pink, Blue, Turquoise and Green. An additional level for the Black cat is planned for the Kickstarter funding goal.

- You have to trigger buttons to activate certain mechanisms to progress further.

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- the game is kept somewhat short and simple, using only basic controls (move and jump). It will release on Steam on Windows at first.

- There are lots of things I want to do that will need your help by supporting on Kickstarter. An additional level (Whose environment revealed to be more complex to do, maybe I'll put some article here about it later). Secret hidden cats acting as a mix between collectables and giving players that want it more challenging elements to get. As well as what I've referred to until then as the "paw" system. The world would have cat paws guiding or misguiding the player here and there. I expect this to give more "life" to the game by making it feel like the cats passed by here and there.

- That's it! The last stretch goal is about accessibility. As you can see, the game uses colors to give the player directions and hints. I picked a flashy green and pink during design, thinking they were very different colors. Turns out that's not the case at all for colorblind people. This last stretch goal would allow me to get some time for it.

Thank you
- Quentin Edel

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