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After months of working i finally made this release, and now i'm moving on other upcoming custom stories. To see what this story offers, look inside the readme file and the screenshoots!

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Some people are already playing it i suppose, it was tested by 5 people before the release, so it must be working without a mistake. But if you find bugs, write 'em down, they will be corrected in the future! The secret areas are very important parts of this custom story, most of the resources can be only found in those hidden places. If you want to unlock the bonus room, you have to search also for extra items (chemicals in this case), which are also hidden like secret areas. Let's plays on youtube are welcome here, link them to the final release if possible :)
That's all, have fun, look more info in the mod description and the readme!

Demo playthrough:
Idestinia - , Gamer Kmik -

Final version playthrough:
AndrewAllStars - , TemiBlaster - , iN LovE!

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