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Some important information on project brita and why there are no updates for over a year.

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I want to start this off by saying yes, I have cancelled the game. However the story line ill still exist and I will release the project files for the game online soon.

I am sorry. I have stopped working on project Brita. When I started this project I hated it. I hated RPG's and I hated the development cycle of the game. It was far more complex to make than Arcade Runner, Rise of the army or even Arcade RAGE. The game was just boring to make for me. I felt like I was limited. I originally wanted to get the game released as a traditional RPG just to get my name out there. I wanted to be know for quality free games. Then the games fighting mechanic was still being worked on. The game got yet more boring for me because when I tried to be creative I found it difficult to do simply and quickly. The fighting mechanic became more of a reaction time test than an actual traditional RPG fight.

As I said I will be releasing the project files later. Someone might want to finish what I could not. I hope you all like the files and please link me your creations below the download. I would love to see them.

Many thanks

Luke Phillips

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