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As we close in on our first official tournament in America, we finalize the last things before the upcoming Episode one Single player release.

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Americas Cup #1

This Sunday (May 2nd) will see the first official DOOMBRINGER competition outside of Europe.
Sign up on Challonge. The event will be streamed with commentary on

Patch Notes

- QuakeC: Grenade launcher now has antilag
- QuakeC: Knockback from projectiles is no-longer 0 if within antilag resim range
- QuakeC: Projectile prediction is now delayed appropriately if ping is above server's max projectile rewind (by default 110ms)
- QuakeC: Removed unnecessary extrapolation when spectating players
- Engine: Fixed movement prediction colliding with local player entity
- Engine: Added DB1 protocol as to not completely break compatibility

- QuakeC: Fixed SSG, SG, and Rail out of ammo animations
- QuakeC: Fixed LG and Rail hum sticking in position instead of following players
- QuakeC: Fixed gotlung sound looping
- QuakeC: Potentially fixed ghost viewmodels showing when respawning

- QuakeC: cl_nameplate now acts as flags for what you want to display:
2 - shows name
4 - shows team color gear icon
16 - shows weapon
32 - shows health and armor bars
1024 - sticks to screen edge
2048 - spin, speed is based on stack

- QuakeC: Added cl_tonedownslime to make slime glow less
- QuakeC: Re-added support for v_idlescale
- Maps: Duel3, fixed clipping issue with slope jump edge up to SSG.

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