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Full Shelter play through presented as a machinima film!

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So sorry for the lack of updates, things have been extremely busy and I have tons of exciting announcements in regards to what I have been working on (more news on that below). Regretfully, I no longer have the time to keep working on The Shelter as a mod... HOWEVER, it turns out it makes a really creepy and entertaining 15 minute short film (machinima). So here it is, the final playthrough of The Shelter in it's entirety so you can all check out my vision from beginning to end. Enjoy!

External Direct Link via youtube:

Some of the recent projects I have been involved with which have detained me from The Shelter include Takedown, headed to the Xbox and PC, Lifeless Planet, a PC Adventure Title, and the official Shadowgate remake coming to iOS and PC / Mac later this year. Shadowgate is being developed by Zojoi (the game's original creators) and I had the rights to utilize / reorchestrate the original chiptunes in my score. Very exciting stuff.

My 70 minute soundtrack can be found via bandcamp:

Raygoza - - 1,639 comments

I gues the first 15 minutes of the game is done, I suppose there's more than this only even though it isn't shown at the moment.
Still great work.

Will you cease developement or put this on ice by the way?

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beckett007 Author
beckett007 - - 22 comments

It was only intended to be a 15 minute experience, this is all there is / was supposed to be.

The idea was that the mod was supposed to be an interactive short film (or twilight zone episode) the player would experience in first person. I deliberately didn't explain everything so that the player / viewer would make their own decision rearding the events happening in the shelter and what lies beyond the door. I was considering expanding it with additional 15 minute episodes...perhaps even exploring what is past the door. However, as stated above, I no longer have time to develop the mod, but you never know. If interest developes I may return to the mod if I ever have time! So lets say its on ice for now, going in to a longish hypersleep.

Thanks so much for the support and please pass the video link around, its a great proof of concept video!

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MangoFoalix - - 129 comments

Great short film. I really enjoyed this. This coming from someone who has been tracking this from the beginning.

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DragonNOR - - 567 comments

Very interesting mod :) Like you said, it made a pretty good machinima, allthough, I think I would've liked playing it myself more had it been done ^^

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