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The Battle of the Pelennor Fields 2.1 final release.

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Final Release!

I have released what I hope will be the final version of my mod. All bugs should be solved and everything should run smoothly.

A little bit of backstory.

When I started this mod about 10 years ago, I was a single guy with no experience of modding. It initially began as a mod just to add a full working Arnor faction to the game for my own enjoyment. After completing that and getting a basic handle of coding, I decided to create a new faction, the Beornings. I would spend a few hours at a time after work and maybe again at the weekend, slowly chipping away at it. Progress was slow but as I was only making it for my own enjoyment, I wasn't bothered.

Since then I have met my missus and have had six kids so what time I had to spend was steadily getting less and less. Somewhere along the way, I finished the Beornings but decided to really get the mod I wanted, I would have to add all the races of men. That's really the point I decided to create "The Battle of the Pelennor Fields". So, after so many years, here it is. Despite releasing this mod to the public and being quite happy to take suggestions along the way, this mod was still created principally for my own enjoyment.

EPIC mod with massive coding.

Over the course of making this mod I have become quite proficient at coding but always steered clear of modelling. As a result, virtually the whole mod is coding based with very, very little in the way of new or edited models. What I did add was actually unused things that I found in the game files. What I edited was only after many years of resisting and was only minor things like adding Forged Blades to existing models.

So, with all that in mind, don't be surprised by the lack of new models, I'm not trying to sell this as something it not. It is an EPIC mod with tons of new Factions, Heroes, abilities, units and buildings but their models are mainly reskins of existing stuff and a SHED LOAD of cool coding (there are some pretty amazing hero abilities in there, go check them out!). Actually, the mod is SO big it that I can't add anything else. Many of the files won't take any more entries and cause game crashes if I add more.

On the down side...

Unfortunately there's a down side to making a mod this massive. The mod is so big that it can't manage multiplayer games. Apparently, if a mod has too many factions, online games struggle to handle it.

Now, I haven't tested this personally but have come across it in the modding forums. Also, looking at peoples feedback on the mod, it would seem to suggest that this may be correct. All that being said, this latest release should have all issues resolved and may work perfectly.

Again, I have to point out that when making this mod, my main motivation was for my own entertainment and not so much for online game. I am really sorry though if you do like the mod and find that you are unable to play with your friends.


Please leave feedback. Good or bad, either way, as long as you leave it.

I'd love to get your impressions on my mod. I have spent so long making it, I'm quite curious to see if people like the areas I spent most time creating. Or, if they like the same things I like about it, like the same factions or heroes I like.

Most importantly, please leave feedback on any bugs you find or any issues in general. If you find that Multiplayer or Online games are indeed impossible, please let me know and I'll have another look into it.

Enjoy and Explore!

Now all that left to say is "Go explore and hopefully enjoy my mod!".

Titan Cronus

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