Sorry for the big delay, i couldn't advance anymore about the minimod, unfortunately, but now the real work started!

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Hello comrades! Unfortunately the minimod died, i couldn't advance anymore on it, so i think that was the final OF THAT STAGE, this is just the beginning, the FINAL MOD will be apart and will be completly new, this minimod was for testing and give to the community the idea and concept about what would be the mod, now, the MOD is rising, is starting to born. I started it today from the same beginning and remaking it, i won't put vanilla bf2 maps or maybe a future addon when i've the mod already published and gave download. In other words, i will make the continuation of this mod making another one starting from zero. I found new material what is really useful and perfect, but i will give the next news about the final mod as soon as i have something complete. But don't lose hopes, this mod is not dead, this mod just needed a testing stage, now the that stage finished and is time to start working on it how it deserves and make it become what it should be: A BF2 MOD.

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