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So I’ve been making slight adjustments to the What's Glob been up to? Including some final iterations with improvements based on testing.

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So I’ve been making slight adjustments to the What's Glob been up to? I had a problem with the percentage-based layout which wasn’t working quite how I expected, but I think was because the image borders weren’t quite flush with the anchors, causing slight percentage problems when scaled to resolutions much larger than I can in the editor preview.

The constant building and uploading, then fixing building and uploading cycle is getting a bit annoying. But I don’t know a better way!

One thing I did discover is you always need to increment the version when uploading a new file to the Google developer console.

incrementing version

You need to increment both numbers to make this work, which is a bit annoying if you forget, but is essential or it won’t be uploaded.

Promoted to Beta

So I pressed the button that promotes it to beta.

promoted to beta

This doesn’t mean anything, other than it’s now in a different tab in the developer console!

Automatic updating

It looks like Google takes care of any updating of the app that needs to be done. At least on alpha/beta (and I assume in production too). Just upload a new file and it pushes to phones, although this is a bit slow. Slower than I’d like, so I did still have to email the file to myself to test faster.

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