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I got a lot more to work I want to do on this mod for Unreal Gold. Also, enjoy the rest of the year and all the best for anyone who are going to enjoy Christmas. Also good luck to the folks competing for Mod of the Year.

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I'm sure many of you folks have been tuning in by reading the news for my mod. While I've released the mod, I see not as much people downloaded it. No worries. It just gives me loads of room to improve on the content what this mod as to offer and I'm planning to go a long way with it and to push the Unreal Engine 1 to the limit. I'm actually much more excited now to show off what could be done with it.

Also the lack of updates was because I was working on the project, none of which can be reveal yet because I haven't got it all together yet but I know it will be worth it. It also means that I can build up on news so I can quickly post them in a short amount of time, so keep those updates flowing.

Concept Art: Town Lit at Dusk

Hopefully this will be the last kind of concept art I will present for you all for the year 2015 in a form of a blog post because I'm going to really boost my production in what this mod can do for what I want. I'm sure most of have become bored of my bland drawings and concept arts if anyone has been following and read in the past. The good news is that I'm planning to put alot of detail in future concept art and putting them straight into the game. Hopefully the textures will improve. I still want to test out what I have in mind will work with the engine.

If nothing come out of it, I'll just push forward with the 2nd Chapter as planned and it will still come out as a mod at least. This concept art of the environment is for chapter two and will hopefully look as dark with the purple sky later across the level.

The other plan is based from almost all of feedback from Steam Greenlight which were mostly about graphics, so I'm working on enchanting the graphics so much that it wouldn't look at Unreal Gold anymore in the future and giving that a try. By theory, it can be done, so it doesn't hurt to try. It doesn't mean anything will be changed or removed. It just gives me room to improve my project in various ways to show off what Unreal Engine 1 still can do and be pushed and there's reasons behind it for me to push on with the idea that I have.

If anyone wants to view the comments on Steam Greenlight:

Concept Art: Fair at Night

Another concept art. I really hope I can get a Ferris Wheel build and all lit up in the Unreal Engine 1 when I make the level I want in mind.

Cowboy Hat illustration

This cowboy hat concept drawing I re-did in my spare time. I'll aim to make my future drawings as detail as these. The texture and outline on the hat is what I hope to go for in the future. It means I may redraw all my concept art for characters, weapons and all sorts and put them into the mod and among other stuff that I want to try and make and show off. It's quite easy to replace textures in my mod so it shouldn't be much of a problem or anything.

And the different color schemes for the hat itself, to see how they look. They were easy to change.

Cowboy Hat illustration

Hopefully next year would be different and I will be able to get started transforming the mod in a way that is a bit more unreal.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

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